Why would anyone chose to become a Cyber-bully ?

February 1, 2015


Who are the sad mindless, faceless Trolls who think bullying on the internet is a clever thing to do ?

What inane pleasure can they possibly get from their vile attacks on people they probably don’t know merely because they can get away with it without ever showing their face ?

Perhaps that’s it, the sheer anonymity of the internet allows the m to bully without the risk of ever coming face to face with their victims. It requires no courage whatsoever while they hide under the illusion that they will never get caught.

Mentally they obviously belong in the same sad group of humanity who hide beneath a hoodie and take pleasure in destroying public property. Those who in the name of fun will happily toss a brick through a shop window kick in glass-sided shelters at bus stops, key parked cars or rip up litter bins and toss them into the path of oncoming cars.

Of course bullying is not new, it was something we had to endure. Every school at every level had them, and the military had more than their fair share. As did many of the work places I remember, usually some useless moron that had a shoe size bigger than their IQ who for some unexplained reason ended up King of the Playground/ Barracks/Factory Canteen.

At least in the old days these bullies were visible, everybody knew who they were and depending on luck or having the right sort of friends most of us either weathered the storm or in a fit of over enthusiastic bravado tried to solve the problem one way or another.

However, cyber bullying is altogether different these morons lack the courage to abuse their victims in the real world, hiding as they do, not only in the vastness of the internet but also in the way that the internet can cover a person’s true identity.

What the internet cannot conceal, and a fact that these faceless ones fail to grasp is that the internet cannot conceal the inner workings and therefore the mentality of these cretins.

In broad general terms these bullies will have many problems of their own, they will certain suffer from low self esteem, feeling ignored or bypassed by the community around them. Hurting others will give them a false sense of power, possibly seeing this as a way to impress a group of like minded people.
Other types of bullies see it as a fun way to show off, demonstrating how clever they are, for some such behaviour might be normal to them especially if they are egged on by similar people they meet or attract on line.

The difference between the physical bully and a cyber bully is just that… Whereas one can literally see the damage they cause to their victim or victims, the other has no idea how much damage they are causing. On the other hand, I might be being too kind and understanding, it is just possible that in their minds eye they do know exactly how much hurt and anxiety they cause and simply don’t care.

For me the old adage “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” is perfectly true, I have a T shirt with the words Writ Big, “ WARNING This Turkey Shoots Back !

Trouble is not every one is like me, not everyone can see these sad twisted little people for what they are. Pathetic human rejects that forever will remain on the fringes of humanity where their only pleasure comes from haunting the dark corners of the internet sniping at others from the shadows.

These cowards care little who they hit, they never see the consequences of their actions, so why lose any sleep over it ?

However it is way past time the owners and controllers of the, so called. Social Media took responsibility and started to throw light into these dark corners. There are many, many good and logical reasons why a person may wish to hide their true identity from the vast internet world and not to make personal information too public. Although having said that shouldn’t there be a way where the internet can accurately identify, and therefore hold to account anyone for their on line actions ?

Daily we see and hear hundreds of examples of Twitter and FaceBook attacks on people, where someone has become the victim of a humiliating image or hurtful comment going viral. Some victims of such vile acts have gone on to take their own lives.

True instant access to the internet these days has eliminated the time we had for second thought nowadays anyone who feels slighted in any way just has to share it with the world in a Tweet, often regretting their stupidity a few seconds later !

I hope the cyber bullies out there read this, or if you know one, please feel free to send them a copy or post this where the moron can read it. I’d love to hear from them explaining, if they can, why they do what they do, how it makes them feel and so on. I’d love to know.

I would also like to remind them what Thumper’s father told him, “ If you can’t say somthin’ nice then don’t say nothin’ at all”.

6 Responses to “Why would anyone chose to become a Cyber-bully ?”

  1. laurie27wsmith Says:

    Well said Merlin, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. merlinfraser Says:

    Hi Laurie, How are you feeling these days ? Back to normal, whatever normal might be…..

  3. ruthhixson Says:

    Applause, applause. Well said. My daughter took her youngest son out of school because he was being bullied. She home educating him in cyber school. It is difficult why anyone would pick on a 17-year-old who is more than six feet tall even if he is overweight. If he hit back he was in trouble but the school wouldn’t do anything about the bullying. I wonder if the person doing the bullying is a son of an important person.

  4. merlinfraser Says:

    Hi Ruth, welcome and thank you for your comments and I am sorry to hear that you are close to someone who is a victim.

    What I cannot understand in this wonderful digital age of super mobile phones fully capable of taking video clips why the close friends of victims are not collecting actual evidence to force the authorities to take action, no matter how important or influential the parents might be.

    Of course cyber bullying is harder to trace but not impossible if the authorities would use the technology at their disposal.

  5. I agree Merlin. Although ascribing a motivation to such behavior is difficult for anyone higher up the food chain than these creatures. I guess if you live under a bridge you will have a pretty jaundiced view of the world. I recall when Sir Edmund Hillary was asked why he beat up Sherpa Tenzing Norgay he answered ‘Because he is there’ and possibly that’s the secret. These angry people need a challenge, something to focus their grievances with the world upon. Maybe football?

  6. merlinfraser Says:

    Football !!!! A game that requires intelligence to neither play or watch !
    Good old fashioned bullies were usually oversized kids who thought it was fun to pick on those smaller or weaker than themselves.

    Problem with cyber bullies allows anyone to become a bully irrespective of size, now it is just down to being defective mentally.

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