The Battle for Britain.

June 26, 2014

broken flag

I am fairly sure that it has made the International news that in a few short months the United Kingdom could become the Disunited Kingdom if the Scottish Nationalists get their wish in the upcoming referendum.

As a proud Scot, who albeit lives in England, I feel as I have a foot in both camps I still have a right to stick my two cents worth into the discussion. Hopefully as a world travelling logistical analyst, I can look dispassionately at the issues and arguments of both sides before saying to those with notions that an independent Scotland will somehow be stronger; “Are you out of your Cottin’Pickin’ minds ?”

Whatever happened to the old saying United we stand, divided we Fall ?”

Plus as a member of the 28 State European Union, where Great Britain is on the northern fringes and easy to isolate, how do these separatists think that a broken Britain will survive ? Do they honestly believe the Union will give an Independent Scotland an open door invite ? Of course given the animosity that the EU government has towards Britain they may well just do that to help further weaken Great Britain.

I do not for a second deny that my fellow countrymen have many and justified grievances against our National Government based, as it is in London. Nor can I deny a long and bitter history of violence between the two countries. But having accepted that I point to the bigger picture which is that as a small Nation living on a group of islands it is not a terribly good idea to suddenly think that devolution is a cool thing to do.

Has the Scottish Parliament thought that if they get full independence that the Shetland Isles might not want to be ruled from Edinburgh and might want to throw their lot in with Norway?

Surely that has to be at least considered, after all Northern Ireland and Wales have a degree of self government and many of the larger counties of England like Cornwall and Yorkshire might think they too could go it alone. If Yorkshire get it then you can safely bet Lancashire will want their bit and so on and so on until the separatist manage to turn the clock back 2,000 years to the happy Dark Ages that followed the departure of the Romans.


What about the economy and defence ? The United Kingdom of Great Britain has an independent nuclear deterrent, with the nuclear submarine base in Scotland. Is the English Government happy to leave it there ? What about the British armed forces, severely depleted as they are, with service personnel from all four corners of the Nation, are they all suddenly going to be sent home with a share of the hardware ?

The British Pound, and the British Stock Exchange, the Scottish Parliament want to retain Sterling as its currency, with all the debts underwritten by the Bank of England, Yeah Right ! Good idea…Like the new ‘Lesser Great Britain’ is going to buy that !

As a Scotsman my heart is full of pride for the country of my birth. First and foremost I am Scottish, proud to be British and only consider myself a European by act of Parliament. I voted for the E.E.C. (European Economic Community) Free trade across borders without punitive nationalistic protectionist taxes. I did not vote for the United States of Europe ruled from Brussels by a self obsessed, self interested committee made up of people from 28 different countries controlled by a President of whom I have no say or vote.

How in the name of all that is right and proper do a small group of Scottish Nationalists with a list of grievances against England that go back beyond William Wallace and Robert the Bruce think they will survive in a hostile world ?

We may not always like our neighbours, we may not always get on but when it comes to common interests like a strong economy, trade and defence surely there is strength is unity.

Hundreds of years of bad history is help up as reasons for wanting independence once more, I ask those same people to look at the history of the Country United that ruled damn near a quarter of the World look too at the Industrial Revolution and our victories in war against those that would have torn us apart.
As I said we may not always like our neighbours but there are times when we need them and they need us.

My message to my fellow Scots is a simple one, by even considering voting for separation you are wounding our nation in the eyes of world. By voting Yes in September you run the risk of driving a further nail in the coffin of Great Britain.

Union Jack

Without Scotland there is No Union, the Country will no longer be able to retain the title of the United Kingdom.

Our once proud flag, the Union Jack, under which thousands have fought and many died to protect will no longer exist.
Consider that before you put you X on that ballot paper.

14 Responses to “The Battle for Britain.”

  1. The words “United we stand” stands out and rings in the minds and hearts of the citizens here across the pond. No truer words were ever spoken. Another saying “Divide and conquer,” should also be held at bay. I am not a citizen of the UK, but I think you are right Merlin. If they win the vote, down the road all I can think of is when you mature and look back on the things you did as a teen you always wind up saying to yourself “what the hell was I thinking.” Just my opinion. :o)

  2. merlinfraser Says:

    Divide and Conquer ! Indeed. I am all in favour with trying to ensure that every citizen has a voice and a right to be heard.

    Due process of law should be fair but very often isn’t and from this things break down, slowly at first but disaffection with the system often has more affect on those who feel who feel it only works against them.

    Everyone knows ours is far from a perfect system and the self interest of politicians makes any change hard, but swapping one group of lying politicians for another is hardly a solution to anything.

    People should listen when the truly wise point out ” If Voting made the slightest difference THEY wouldn’t let us do it !”

    This Vote should be used as a wake up call to the BRITISH Government, it says Listen to Us we are the people of Scotland and we say enough now heed the warning and start doing something.

    A vote for an Independent Scotland is a mistake the people of Scotland will have to live with for a long time.

    Two important things that so far have been left unsaid:
    Of the promises of Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland.
    ” If something Sounds too good to be true…It usually is.”

    Of the true merits of Independence,
    ” Be Careful What You Wish For…. You might just Get it !”

    I hope they vote for what is best for their Country and ALL of the people of Scotland and not on the vague dreams of their First Minister who IMHO will say anything to win and that scares the shit out of me !

    For those with a short memory remember the last politician who did that was Tony Blair and look at the mess he left us in !

  3. laurie27wsmith Says:

    A well thought out and written piece Merlin. it’s certainly going to be interesting times ahead for the ‘Old Dart.’

    • merlinfraser Says:

      Hi Laurie, Thanks for stopping by. Interesting times indeed I just hope that those who actually bother to vote at all will do so thinking of the country as a whole rather than a ” We Hate the English” agenda.

      • laurie27wsmith Says:

        I’d like to think so Merlin but I’m afraid that there’re too many people who would like to keep sinking the boot in. It will probably be cut back to the Britain of Roman days.

  4. Raani York Says:

    I have to say I was quite impressed by this very proud, honest and serious “speech” you wrote down here!! Very well done, Merlin!!

    • merlinfraser Says:

      Me with my serious hat on for a change. There are still many things that make me mad and fanatical Nationalists are one of them.
      They will do and say anything including terrorism to force their views down people’s throats and so it is with the Scottish Nationalist party although they have yet to go the route of the IRA.
      Everyone knows that Britain is no longer a World power and has been in decline for a number of years but I ask how is breaking up the union of British countries supposed to make that better ?

  5. merlinfraser Says:

    Laurie, I think it would be worse than that, not Britain of the days of Roman but Britain after the Romans left. The period affectionately referred to as the Dark Ages.

    A time when the whole country reverted back to warring tribal chiefs and mini kingdoms.

    One such king fearing his near neighbour invited mercenaries from Europe to help defend his little kingdom. The ploy worked the mercenaries came helped him slaughter his neighbours then unfortunately went on to kill him and take over both territories. These guys were called Jutes, Angels and Saxons….

  6. As one who lives in the North and quite close to the Scottish border I am investigating possibilities for cross-border smuggling. I wonder particularly how taxation on whisky will be affected.

    I too, think the whole thing is Kafka-esque and utterly mad. Like almost anything Tony Blair had his mucky little fingers steeped in this issue was raised entirely on the back of political posturing. BTW, are weapons of mass destruction involved?

    • merlinfraser Says:

      Hi Fredrick, you are of course absolutely correct about Blair’s involvement. He was so intent on becoming the very first President of the United States of Europe that they stirred up this devolution idea as a means of dividing Great Britain into toothless self governing regions incapable of responding to any EU thread and he is so close to getting his way with the likes of Cornwall and Yorkshire jumping on the bandwagon.

      Are there weapons of Mass Destruction involved, Well Scotland has the Haggis, Black Pudding in some regions, the Cornish have the Oggie, quite lethal at short range and the Welsh have several things quite unpronounceable.

  7. Cornwall, of course, has the pasty, and I refuse to associate at any level with people who attempt to put meat in one end of a pastry case and rice pudding in the other.

  8. merlinfraser Says:

    Ah Fredrick ! I thought it was a pretty neat idea for the perfect two course packed lunch. It is also the reason for the very thick and relatively inedible crust, it wasn’t supposed to be eaten merely there to hold onto and keep your dirty, possibly poisonous copper miners hands off your lunch.

    No works canteen down the mine and a long way up to the surface.

    Although I think if you copped a well thrown Tiddie Oggie behind the ear’ole I think you would know about it.

  9. Better then as a weapon than a lunch! With appropriate equipment no doubt they could be launched across the Tamar to devastating effect.

  10. merlinfraser Says:

    Too Late ! There is a shop not 10 miles from me here in the Cotswolds that sells them openly over the counter. Rumour also has it the ancient Cornish miners took it secretly to the USA where it is considered as a delicacy.

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