A Private Reply.

January 2, 2014

Let us begin at the beginning with the one simple thing that divides Believers from non Believers.

A simple statement of fact:  “There Is No God.” 

 Now we can all argue until we are all blue in the face but at the end of the day it is impossible for the faithful of any religion to supply any concrete evidence or one verifiable fact to prove that there is. 

 Equally, since it is not the purpose of science to attempt to prove the non existence of something nonexistent no one, as far as I know, is actually trying to prove there isn’t a God, at least scientifically.

So perhaps the question that should be asked is Why do some people seem to need a God when others do not ?  

Or ask them if they are willing to stand back a little and look in from the outside for a moment and ask, who actually told us we needed a God and when ?

The Bible perhaps ?  Or in Christianity the New Testament ?  But who wrote the Bible and why is perhaps a better question ?

For centuries we were told that the first five books of the Bible were the literal words of God himself merely transcribed by man.  Many believed that Moses wrote it down however even the most basic investigation is enough to conclude that no single person wrote them.  It is also fairly easy to establish the fact that they are composed of ‘hand-me-down’ stories from many sources and were then edited together into a single set of manuscripts.

So again the question that begs an answer is who did this and for what purpose?

We know the sources of many of the biblical tales and we also know that there were many more manuscripts that were not included, or more to the point deliberately excluded, again Why ?

That last question was rhetorical, we know why, they were left out because the contradicted much of whatever messages the creators of the Bible wanted to get across to the people they were targeting with their propaganda.  

Therefore the Bible was created not as a document of history but as some form of political tool, to use on people thousands of years ago. We may never know the true intensions of the writers or whether their actions were for good or evil but again it begs the question of why today so many people, of different faiths, still accept these writings as factual ?

Those who constantly try to defend the Bible stories have hundreds of trite answers when challenged on simple facts.   God created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and the Earth is only 6,000 years old. 

FACT:  No he didn’t.  We know the Earth is actually billions of years old and if he created all life at once that would mean that man and dinosaurs were around at the same time. Funny how no one noticed them or ask why Noah missed them off his list, but the creationist will move the goal post a little and argue who knows how long a God day is.

God created Adam and Eve and from them sprung us all.

FACT:  That is genetically impossible, besides if Adam and Eve only had two sons and Cain killed Able but who was Cain afraid would kill him when God sent him away ?  Where did Mrs. Cain come from ?  

Creationist Explanation: Adam and Eve had many children, so Cain came back and married his sister, how old was she at the time? Or, the goal post moved version Adam wasn’t really the first human on the planet but he was the first one with a soul.

I could go on but there is no point, the Bible is simply a book of stories written for the time, it is neither factual nor historical as has been proved time and time again.

Therefore it is logical to assume that the Bible, although it mentions God, wasn’t actually written to establish his existence but was more a way to enforce certain rules or conditions upon the people in a way that they would accept.

Example: Someone tells me not to eat Pork, I’d tell them to go away, but if they tell me God Says, I mustn’t eat Pork… Well that’s a whole different ball game.

Perhaps, at the time, there was a perfectly good reason to steer the people away from pig meat. Doesn’t exactly hold true these days yet two out of the three Holy Land religions still stick rigidly to the word…Why ?

Tim brings up the subject of ‘The Big Bang,’  scientifically it makes sense based upon how things expand away from the point of detonation and given that the universe appears to be expanding in all directions I think if fair to conclude there had to have been a single point of detonation.  However, the big bang theory is there only to explain the expansion of the universe not was there before. 

There is a theory that what came before was a collapsing universe, collapsing into a singularity, or a Black Hole, if you will.  It assumes that there has to be a point where even the biggest of black holes cannot condense any further which triggers a Big Bang and the whole thing starts all over again.

There is a supporting theory that suggests that this may have happened many times before.   Still doesn’t explain where all the gas came from in the first place, yet I still cannot accept the overly simplified response God did it because it raises two question in my mind, When did he originally do it and again Why ?   You are God, why not have a Universe all ready created, why have it expanding, with all those exploding Super Nova’s and the like… a bit showy if you ask me. 

Tim also acknowledges that the Universe is governed by natural laws, he asks where did those laws come from ?   I assume he means where did they come from if not God?

Newton and Hawking, answered that question, the Universe is not governed by natural laws but by a natural force, and not a very strong one at that.  The force that created and controls the Universe is nothing more than gravity.  Gravity is the ‘G’ in Hawking’s equations not God.

 I talk of Blind Faith, yes I mention it often because I see it everywhere I go and in every nonsensical answer I hear from those who do not answer my questions but make statements that without faith I wouldn’t understand their answers.

When I talk about blind faith, can you imagine having this discussion with someone of the Muslim faith ?  I can, I have been to and worked in Muslim countries, and believe it or believe it not I have asked them many of the question I ask here.

Yes they belief the story of creation, and Adam and Eve and all the rest.  I even know a Muslim geologist, now there’s a walking contradiction for you.  This a man who through education knows how old the planet is and how oil and gas formed in the ground and how long it took.  Yet the same man will go on to defend the Holy Book and the teachings that the Earth is only 6,000 years old because he was told so by his religious teachers and they are men of Allah and would not lie.

Ask someone of the Jewish faith who Moses was, and they will go into raptures.  Yet when faced with actual archaeological evidence produced by archaeologists of their own faith that they can find no evidence that such a person ever existed the eyes glaze over.

Yet look at the significance, No Moses, no Exodus.  No Exodus, no wandering for 40 years, no Ten Commandments carved in stone by God, no promised land.  Little by little, piece by piece, thread by thread the whole thing unravels.

Little by little it looks more like a piece of political propaganda to justify the taking of territory from one group by another group.  

Question:   How many people in the Bible and the New Testament did God actually talk to?  Weren’t these people always alone ?   Or God came to them in a dream or a vision or something ?

Question:  In the last two thousand years how many more appearances has God actually made ?

Tim says “One reason I give for not believing in God is because parts of it rest on older myths.”    True,  but not part of it, I say all of it is based upon older myths.

Once upon a time there were a people whose Spiritual leaders thought that the Sun would not rise without a sacrifice. Possibly because of volcanic activity the sun was blotted from view for several days and the size of the sacrifice got bigger and bigger until one day they sacrificed a human being.

So this became a norm until someone else came along and asked why?  What will happen if we don’t make the sacrifice ? Or perhaps they said, Hey ! I’ll make you an offer, let’s not make the sacrifice today and if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow you can sacrifice me… Can’t say fairer than that now can I ?

I think many people believe out of habit, that’s if they bother to think about it all. 

Look back far enough and you will find all sorts of stories of bad things happening and there is usually an explanation of an angry God somewhere in the mix.  How else could the ancients possibly explain earthquakes, volcanoes, thunder, lightning and the like, especially if you were someone with no more knowledge than the person asking.

However, if you are the spiritual leader of the people you damn well have a better answer than a shrug of the shoulders that’s for sure, and of course they did.  At what point a simple “It is the will of the Gods” became adequate is open to debate but that statement very quickly became “ You dare Challenge the Will of the Gods ?”

All cultures had their own variations, be they Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse and so on and what a pain in the backside they became.  Draining whole economies to build fancy temples and structures each bigger and more elaborate than the one before.    

So I guess it might have become something of a necessity to try and get rid of them in a way acceptable to the people.  True such a decision wouldn’t be too popular with all the priests and their flunkies, but what the hell, they’re human we can just kill them. Burn the temple down round their ears one night in a thunder storm…Job done the one true God has spoken… Yeh  Go God !

So it came to pass, not in the Bible but in true historical fact that the many Gods became One.  Not by any Heavenly act or some God War where the last one standing wins by default but by Law.  Human Law passed by a human King, Hezekiah to be exact about 700BC.

That more or less wrapped it up for the Holy Land although it wasn’t considered Holy at the time, that didn’t come until after Christianity was invented and the Christians didn’t think the Jews or the Muslims should be in charge.

Of course, if Hezekiah created the one God, presumably to make religious life a lot easier, not to say cheaper, for everyone that does call into question Jesus and all the claims made on his behalf.   Jesus Christ Man or Myth ?   In reality probably a bit of both, there may well have been a holy man, preacher, wandering rabbi around with the name but outside the New Testament accounts what do we actually know ?

We know for a fact that the accounts of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John contradict one another.  We know these accounts were written about a hundred years after the supposed death of Jesus and we know they were translated from their original Greek form.

OOPS !  Greek ?

The word “Christ,” is the giveaway, it is the Greek equivalent of the Jewish word “Messiah,” it was not a personal name; it was a title; it means “the Anointed One.” So why does the New Testament stories not refer to him as Jesus the Messiah ?

After all at the time weren’t the Jewish people looking for a Messiah, a successful leader, who would restore their independence from Rome?

Also at the time there were many men who posed as Messiahs, who obtained a following and who were subsequently put to death by the Romans for political reasons.  Only one of these Messiah, a Samaritan prophet, was executed under the rule of Pontius Pilate. Jesus was not a Samaritan.

Many other facts in the New Testament are far from original, things like in all the ancient stories and legends, divine beings were believed to have been born of virgins, it is what made them stand above mere mortals. They performed miracles and some went on to die and again rise after three days.

All that exists within the New Testament is all within the stories and literature of the time.  In all the stories of Jesus Christ there is not one single new idea and outside the New Testament there isn’t a shred of actual evidence or proof he ever existed.

 Tim says I have shut my mind to the reality of God,  I say all I have done like so many  before me is ask questions and challenge the inconsistencies of the scriptures and the continual lies of those in high church office who in times of old would have had me killed for daring to challenge them.

While you stand outside the box ask yourself this; “What do I think will happen to me if I stop believing in God?”  Other than the fact that he will cease to have any relevance in my life, as already been well established, the World will still revolve and the Sun will still rise tomorrow.

Of course there is a lot we still don’t know, and there are some things we may never know, but I cannot accept that God Did It answers anything.         

Surely the statement “ I DO NOT KNOW!”  Shouldn’t it be the reason to start a quest of enlightenment to strive to discover the answer and to understand the question?

To merely say God is the answer to everything I do not understand and I am content with not knowing is way beyond my comprehension and understanding. 

I know what I and others know scares people, it goes against human nature to admit to being wrong, about anything.  To consider, even for a split second that everything you were told and believed in is based upon nothing more than ancient hearsay is hard for anyone to accept because the next question is even harder.  Where do I go from here ?       

A lot of people can’t or won’t accept even the notion that what I say could possibly be true and in their denial they find comfort.  Comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone, after all millions believe, don’t they ?   They can’t all be wrong… Can they ?

To them I would say this,   “I would Rather Hear  a Small Truth Than a Great Big Lie.”   I am not lying, why should I what could I possibly gain ?









2 Responses to “A Private Reply.”

  1. merlinfraser Says:

    Thanks Laurie, this was more of an extended answer to a guy on Linkedin than a Blog. Needless to say we were discussing religion and beliefs and Why people continue to believe in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is simply centuries old man made mass manipulation.

  2. Raani York Says:

    This is a very interesting view of things, Merlin. I’m not saying, I believe or don’t – I’m not saying you’re right or wrong – in fact, there’s a lot of things in your post that really does make sense.

    Some catholic people do not understand that most of the old testament are not to be taken “seriously”…

    As for Cain and Able: When I was having a Religion Teacher as I was a Teenager, I asked him the same thing again… he kicked me out that particular hour. (Probably because he didn’t know the answer or he couldn’t stand the thought that he himself has told us about incest… but let’s not deepen this here. LOL)

    I still believe that Cain is the biggest mass murderer the world has ever seen – considering the fact that when he killed his brother there were 4 people living on this earth – by killing one he statistically reduced world population by 25% – which makes him the most dangerous mass murderer ever living.

    Believe me: Our priest wasn’t happy when we discussed this…

    But what I actually wanted to say:
    Doubting even in the catholic church – is permitted…

    Everything else about believing will stay deeply in my heart – or one day in a private conversation between you and me!!!


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