Power to the People, Well the little Guy Anyway.

June 4, 2013

Little Poster

Boy o Boy o Boy ! Have I stirred up a hornet’s nest or what ? How dare I drop the price of my E Book to $0.99 cents.

How Very Dare You? Who do You Think You are you little Oik ?

According to some I am a disgrace to the authors of the World and I am giving in to the Dark forces out there in Internet Land. I am pandering to people who do not appreciate the value of a product nor the months and years of effort, not to mention all the blood, sweat and tears that went into producing their fictional masterpiece.

Sorry Kids ! But from where I’m sitting I must be doing something right.

I wrote my first story ten years ago, then came the Inner Space trilogy and I slogged round the conventional route for four years, I’ve had so many literary agent and publisher doors slammed in my face I started to get a liking for the taste of paint. I was a Nobody, a Newbie, not worth the time of day so I went my own way and was branded ‘Vain and Presumptuous’ for my trouble.

Now in just a couple of weeks people have started to notice I exist ! True I’m pissing them off but anything is an improvement on total obscurity, isn’t it ?

Am I going to give in to my critics, confess my sinful ways and whack my prices back up to somewhere they consider reasonable?
HELL NO! “GO Free Market Enterprise !”

When I joined Linkedin I found a few kindred spirits and we swapped ideas and supported one another as best we could while collectively we continued our hopeless efforts to push water uphill. We were too dumb to realise that times they were a changing, the time of the Dinosaurs was at hand and we are the small furry critters that will take over.

Who do I think I am ? I’ll tell them who I am… I am an Independent author in a world of other Independents. We don’t need to be tied by contract to a Big Publishing house everything they offer their tied authors is now readily available out here in the marketplace. As authors we need Proof-readers and editors, they’re out here, it’s a service. Book cover artists, Critique writers, reviewers, everybody we need is out here, Independents like us take as much or as little as you need.

We can bring our books to print through a host of different suppliers none of whom require a contract or a share of our souls. They make their money printing and the more successful we are as writers the more money they make as printers. True we have little control over the cover price of our book but there are still many readers out there that want a book rather than a download, that’s their privilege and we owe it them to provide for them.

However the real control comes in the digital world which is where we came in, Yep I could set the price of E Book up there with JK Rowling, Dan Brown and the others… but that would be unfair…. OK Not unfair to the army of Klingon’s they has to take care of and pay…but unfair on my potential readers. People who don’t know me or what I write I NEED to give them a reason to try me. I suppose I could do a “TWOFER” or a “BOGOF” but then I’d sound like a supermarket.

I belief there is a market out there for every writer, this is a point that the big mainline publishers have forgotten, or never thought about, I know I write stories people enjoy… Why because many of them come back and tell me so. They don’t have to do that, there’s no discount off my next book for those that are super nice to me, (sorry Mum), so I know there is a readership out there with my name on it. All I have to do is go find them.

I’m starting to get the hang of this Digital World, bit slow off the mark but what the hell For a long time I was out there ‘Twittering’ like an idiot, although I wasn’t as sad as telling you what I had for breakfast and I tried to keep it interesting although I did change the names to protect the innocent.

Also I’ had a Facebook page but gave it up to protect my sanity. Try as I did I couldn’t convince people that I didn’t do ‘Farmville’ and was not a source of bricks or whatever else they needed such as a Cow or Pig Poo real or virtual!

Now I am quite convinced that neither FaceBook or Twitter offer any real advantage as places to attract potential fans or to generate interest in books. Of course I know there are one or two exceptions who will want to give me an argument but trust me life is way too short for me to return to that path.

Although I think I’ve conquered YouTube as a means of Book Promotion…. Take a look at the Video. True I’m no Spielberg or George Lucas but it ain’t bad for a first effort.

The bottom line is this, I know there are quite a few writers on here, all at different stages of work and progress, what I’m saying is don’t give up we are entering new and exciting times for us. I know I would not have got this far without a great deal of help and support from many, many friends here at Linkedin, they helped me and I know they can and will help you and for what it’s worth I will throw in my help and support as well.


5 Responses to “Power to the People, Well the little Guy Anyway.”

  1. Well put Merlin, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Raani York Says:

    I love this post, Merlin! GREAT! I had to publish it all over the place. 🙂

  3. Raani York Says:

    You know I love your blog and I envy you for your talent!
    This is why I nominated you for the “Shine on” Blog Award. You can find it here:


    I really think your blog is special and you deserve this Award!

  4. Wow ! Thanks for this great vote of confidence Raani what shall we do to celebrate ? Dinner a Picnic ?

  5. merlinfraser Says:

    I found this ‘Super’ Extraordinary explanation on the Internet :

    “The mechanism by which he flies is unknown, but some suggestions have been a field of energy allowing unconscious manipulation of gravity or defract/reflect of gravity due to unidentified Kryptonian organs affected by a yellow sun, or psionic manipulation of a personal anti-gravitational aura, which is also caused by his Kryptonian cells and a yellow sun. Superman has been able to fly to the moon in under two minutes. During the Silver Age of comics, Superman could fly at superluminal speeds, allowing him to traverse intergalactic space and to break the time barrier. ”

    Somehow I think my Farting theory is much more plausible.

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