In Support of British Eccentrics

May 24, 2013

cheese rolling

You all know me, mild mannered gentle old soul unlikely to say BOO! To a Goose, however there is the odd thing likely to raise my ire and prompt the odd rant.
There are two such things more likely than most to cause the Fraser bile to rise, one being the all too heavy handed and obnoxious ‘Ealth and Safety’ mob and the other being the ever growing Politically Correct Lobby. These are two groups who are so far up themselves they think the rest of us are moronic in comparison and cannot possibly survive to old age without their guidance.

So what, I hear you cry, has this bunch of half-wits been up to lately that has got the Merlin bowls in such an uproar ? In a word Bullying !
Yep, not being content in their vain attempts to stop the Great British Eccentric from killing themselves they have turned to the law and are using the Police to intimidate an 86 year old lady and here I am not joking.

Here in the Cotswold Hills we have many proud, if slightly strange sporting customs, like Nettle Eating, Welly Wanging, Twile Thwonking, Shin Kicking contests, Woolsack Racing and of course chasing a rolling cheese down an insanely steep hill.

All good fun and yes potential dangerous…. OK potentially fatal then.

So what ? Like sex all this is conducted by supposedly otherwise sane human beings and if they are willing to sign a disclaimer before taking part then where is the harm.

Well courtesy of the PC Mob using Health and Safety as an excuse they banned the Annual Cheese Rolling contest back in 2009. A ban which enthusiast ( for want of a better word) have chosen to ignore. So this year the PC Brigade are getting snotty about it.

For the past 25 years, Diana Smart ( the 86 year old in question ) has been making a special cheese wheel for the annual event, which sees competitors chase cheese down the 200-yard Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire.

But this year, Mrs Smart got a surprise visit from three police officers who warned her not to donate the 8lb wheel because it was a health and safety hazard.
Mrs Smart was told that she could be liable for any injuries if she went ahead with providing the cheese. She said: “They threatened me, saying I would be wholly responsible if anyone got injured.”

Not in my Book that is just ‘Not On’ and not only because she is an old woman doing no harm to anyone but because no one in authority has the right to use the police as a means of intimidation.

I support Health and Safety in all things, but as in the roll of an advisory only.

I blame the Ambulance chasing fraternity of Shysters who saw a way to use people to skin Insurance companies out of millions. The net result is that they have local Governments, Doctors, Hospitals, local Authorities and Companies so Shit scared over being sued for the slightest mishap that we have allowed a ‘Nanny Monster to be created telling us what we can and cannot do and if we won’t be advised then they are using bully boy intimidation tactics instead.
I have absolutely no desire to run up or down a steep road carrying a 60 pound sack of wool on my back, nor go hammering hell for leather down an even steeper hill after a friggin’ cheese, not my idea of a fun way to spend a day.

True those that do may be bucking for a Darwin Award but again so what, surely that’s their own business. They know the risks and sign a document saying so, there is an end to it.

Keep the public well back, start the cheese and cameras rolling and start cheering like the rest of the idiots watching.
This is England…. It’s what we’ve been doing for centuries !

I will be putting this up as a Blog with lots of pictures so come take a look at my fellow Brits at play.


2 Responses to “In Support of British Eccentrics”

  1. Mate they won’t be happy until we’re hanging in a sack of life giving pap from birth to death, with the only excitement a continuous viewing of Noddy and Bill and Ben. Oops, wasn’t big ears gay?
    I get what you’re saying, the wowsers, bluestockings and anti-fun Nazi’s need a strong drink of Bovril and a good lie down.

  2. merlinfraser Says:

    In all seriousness, which I can be on the odd occasion, I lay the blame for the present Nanny State on American shyster lawyers who invented the ‘Blame Culture’ that has everybody suing everybody else.

    In the case of the Cheese Rolling the police actively warned this dear old lady that by supplying the cheese she could be held to account as one of the organisers if someone was injured and decided to sue.

    That to me is insane and like me blaming Henry Ford when I have an accident in one of his cars, being if his company hadn’t sold it to me I couldn’t have had the accident.

    Ambulance Chasing Shysters should be banned and allow common sense to return where we are expected to take responsibility for our own actions…. Even if this means chasing a cheese down a hill.

    It is after all Damn fine Cheese !

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