I would Rather Hear a Small Truth Than a Great Big Lie.

March 27, 2013


The True Meaning of Easter.

What’s he ‘Banging On About Now’ I hear you cry ?

Well it might have something to do with a fanatical, hardcore Christian group that has managed to browbeat supermarkets into stocking this monstrosity claiming it to be the ‘Real Easter Egg.’


I should sue them for false advertising.

OK it’s now possible that some of you are asking ‘What’s the difference between these eggs and the thousands of others currently cramming the shelves?

Well the difference is these eggs have the word JESUS on the box complete with the story of his death and resurrection, Oh Yeah there’s a Jesus quiz as well for good measure.

The small truth; is that Christians have no right to be celebrating Easter at all, it is the Pagan festival to honour Eastre, Goddess of Spring and Fertility.

Ever asked yourself how come the observation of Christ’s death and resurrection seems to wander around the calendar a bit ? Even the date for Easter is set by Pagan reckoning; it falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

The Egg is a Pagan symbol representing fertility, new life and reincarnation, even the Hot Cross bun has nothing to with Christianity and the ‘Cross’ was a magical symbol used by many culture long before Jesus Christ first appeared in stories.

The Great Big Lie; is the whole myth of resurrection. In fact most of, not only, the Christian myths but perhaps the entire Bible itself come from the stories of the many cultures based around the Mediterranean Sea.

A thousand years before the supposed birth of Christ the Phrygians were celebrating the coming of Spring honouring their fertility Goddess Cybele. She had a consort God called Attis, guess what, he was born of a virgin, died and was resurrected three days later. His worshippers mourned the God’s death on ‘Black Friday’ then lo and behold celebrated his rebirth the following Sunday.

Nor is the myth of Attis unique, the region is litter with stories many even older; there’s Osiris, Orpheus and Dionysus, to name but a few all said to have been born of virgins and been returned to life three days after their deaths.

It is more than mere conjecture to propose that as the myth of Christ spread first around the Mediterranean that many of the old stories would get grafted together, why waste a good tale just because you God changes ?

Ever since mankind learned to think our ancient ancestors have associated the coming of Spring with ‘Rebirth and Resurrection’ by celebrating the reawakening of the Nature after the ‘Death of Winter.’

So the message here is a simple one, Feel free to celebrate Easter in your own way, if that means heading off to church and singing songs about far away green hills and listening to the retelling of mythical tales so be it.

Please; just remember that it is not the real story of Easter and if in your religion it is a sin to lie should it not be a double sin if you lie to young children ?

Let the young, and the young at heart enjoy the celebration of Spring without distorting the truth with religious propaganda.


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