Merlin Fraser Author of Inner Space.

February 24, 2010

A few years ago I had an idea for a book.  I thought; hopefully, that I could be different and not just follow the herd, so to speak.  Trying to write a new novel is tough; what is even tougher is to find ways to get all the potential readers out there to recognise that you exist.   Easy enough if you are rich, even easier if you are famous.  In our celebrity driven culture it seems the only books today’s publishers will back are those that are guaranteed to sell and make a quick profit.  WAG’s Kiss and Tell; High quality Glossy biography’s of the sporting or Soap Star TV heros of the moment.   

For the publisher it is an endless conveyor belt; with reality TV programmes such as X Factor, Big Brother and the like churning out instant stars for the media  to promote and the public to idolize it must seem like a dream come true.  This year’s Christmas or Birthday presents; next week’s Charity shop junk.

So is anybody interested in new author’s; I suppose if they knew we were around they might be.  After all if you enjoy a good ‘Murder Mystery’  reading one by someone new might be fun.  It never ceases to amaze me that although Crime writing has been around since the beginning the sheer ingenuity of my fellow writers to keep finding new ways to add a different twist or find a new angle in story creation.

For my part I deliberately tried to steer clear of the ‘Who Dun It’  style of story telling.  To be honest I was never very good at it and considering the wealth of experts out there who have produced some masterpieces over the years I would be pretty dumb to try to compete.  So I have tried something different.  What is refered to as ‘Gendre Blending,’  simply taking two or more genre’s and bringing them together in one story.  for instance; Crime and the Paranormal. 

In my book;  Inner Space: Book One.‘  I give a seeming common  police murder mystery a paranormal twist and take my characters out of their comfort zone; Way Out of their Comfort Zone!   It’s not a Who Dun It, because strangely enough I tell who did it within the first few pages.   So; what’s the rest of the book about ?   Sorry !  Can’t tell you, that you will have to find out for yourselves.

Why Inner Space;  Book One,  I hear you ask; good question and the answer is simple;  it is a trilogy of stories all called Inner Space.   Book One is Out There ready to delight you.   Book Two:  The Reluctant Nemesis will be out in a couple of months from now.  With Book Three : The All Seeing Eye by the end of the year.


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